To Be a Good Company

Solicitation Policy

Company Policy on Solicitation of Investment Advisory Agreements and Discretionary Investment Contracts

Tokio Marine Asset Management Co., Ltd.


  • We respect clients' investment policies and solicit investment in a manner that takes individual client expertise and experience, financial conditions and asset characteristics into consideration.
  • We seek to explain financial products that are in line with client investment profiles and conditions.
  • When entering into agreements with clients, we strive to provide appropriate explanations concerning the risks and other important aspects of our investment products.
  • When entering into agreements with clients, we provide ample documented explanation beforehand, forming agreements based on client understanding.
  • We visit clients at times and in locations that do not disturb their operations or lives, and we do not solicit over the telephone.
  • We do not solicit customers by making affirmative judgments of unconfirmed events, making assertions that differ from actuality, providing false information or misconstruing information.


  • We comply with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, the Law on Sales of Financial Products, the Consumer Contract Act and various other regulatory requirements of other countries.
  • To ensure appropriate solicitation, we work to ensure well-developed internal systems, including the formation of internal rules and by conducting in-house training.
  • We strive to handle all client inquires promptly, appropriately and cordially.